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A Nyama braai master & travel cost will be calculated according to the distance and size of your function
All prices on the website are quoted excluding VAT

Nyama Boerewors pieces served with sweet chilli dip @ R 25 (p/p)
Biltong & Droewors Platter @ R 25 (p/p)
Mini Boerewors Vetkoek with Tomato & Onion Relish @ R 25 (p/p)
Spicy Sundowner Chicken Wings on a Skewer @ R 25 (p/p)
Creamy butternut soup served with fresh farm bread @ R 25 (p/p)

Mains - Please Choose (Minimum 15 People Per Option)

200g Sirloin steak basted in Nyama Braai sauce @ R 45 (p/p - per person)
200g Lamb chops @ R 45 (p/p)
Roast chicken 1/4 legs served Moroccan style @ R 20 (p/p)
100% Nyama Boerewors pieces @ R 20 (p/p)
Honey Mustard Glazed Pork Ribs @ R 40 (p/p)
200g Beef Chuck @ R 45 (p/p - per person)
200g Pork Chops @ R 45 (p/p - per person)
200g Kassler steak @ R 45 (p/p - per person)
Lamb Neck potjie with assorted veggies @ R 80 (p/p)
Creamy Chicken potjie with assorted veggies @ R 80 (p/p)
Boerewors rolls with sauces & garnish @ R35 (p/p - per person)
Beef burgers with sauces & garnish @ R35 (p/p)
Beef prego rolls with sauces & garnish @ R55 (p/p)
Chicken prego rolls with sauces @ R55 (p/p)


Roast baby potatoes @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Sweet glazed baby carrots @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Broccoli & Corn Dish (blended in a classic creamy cheese sauce) @ R20 (p/p - per person)
Hot vegetable noodles (drizzled with a medley of spices and olive-oil) @ R20 (p/p - per person)
African sweet potatoes @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Mixed veggie grill @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Creamed spinach @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Sweet butternut @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Sweetcorn on the cob @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Sweet potato and beetroot dish @ R15 (p/p - per person)

Hot Dishes

Traditional pap en sous @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Pap tart @ R25 (p/p - per person)
Pumpkin fritters @ R25 (p/p - per person)
Traditional SA mielie-koekies @ R20 (p/p - per person)
White rice and gravy @ R15 (p/p - per person)


Tossed Greek salad @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Juicy carrot and pineapple salad @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Creamy coleslaw @ R15 (p/p - per person)
3 Bean salad @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Curried banana salad @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Creamy potato salad @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Pasta vinaigrette @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Chakalaka Salad @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Creamy tomato pasta shells and pea salad @ R15 (p/p - per person)


Assorted coctail mini loafs @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Freshly baked rolls and butter @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Freshly baked garlic loaf @ R15 (p/p - per person)
Malva pudding with Custard @ R 25 (p/p - per person)
Seasonal fruit Cheese Cake @ R 25 (p/p)
Summer Fruit Salad with ice cream @ R 25 (p/p)
Traditional Cinnamon "Melk Tert" @ R 25 (p/p)
Peppermint Crisp Tart @ R 25 (p/p)

Crockery and Cutlery (all fields in this section not required)

China plates & Stainless Cutlery @ R6 per person
Side plates (only if Nyama provides starters) @ R 3 per person
Dessert bowls & spoons (only if Nyama provides desserts) @ R4 per person



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